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JavaScript30 - Getting Started

I've been wanting to do this for awhile now, but just havne't had the time. What I've recently (re)discovered, is that I'm never going to find the time. I have to make the time. So, I'm dedicating a little time each day to this great course.

What is it?

This is a free course created by Wes Bos. It's a "30 Day Vanilla JS Coding Challenge". The course takes you through 30 great examples (not 30 to-do apps) using only vanilla JavaScript. No frameworks, compilers, libraries, or boilerplates. Just JavaScript.

Why am I doing it?

Despite having started my JavaScript experience over 15 years ago, I admit that lately I have been relying a lot on frameworks. While frameworks are incredible, I want to refresh my fundamental JavaScript skills. I've been working quite a bit with React on my last few projects, so I have some familiarity with ES6, but want to get away from the compiler and see what ES6 can actually do directly in a modern browser.

Writing About It

In addition to brushing up on some coding skills, I'm also hoping that each day of the challenge will inspire me to dig a little further and start blogging more. I've been struggle to get started with that. I have about 20 posts sitting as unfinished drafts or ideas. I need to start actually writing things. What I will not do is regurgitate the lesson or code the Wes spent so much time on. I will only really write about concepts or ideas I had while working on each part of the challege.

Feel free to follow along here.