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JavaScript 30 - Catching up

So far, JavaScript30 is taking me far longer than it should. I signed up more than 30 days ago, and I'm just starting Day 2. It's not from a lack of interest, but simply a lack of time.

Day 1

I actually started writing a post after Day 1, but realized it had been written a few times before. Basically, the thing Day 1 got me thinking about was arrow functions. In the samples, Wes used a mix of both arrow functions and function expressions. I started looking into when you should or should not use Arrow functions. To summarize, Arrow functions are great, but they don't replace the "old" function expressions. A great post on this is here: https://rainsoft.io/when-not-to-use-arrow-functions-in-javascript/.

Day 2

I honestly didn't get much at all from Day 2. It was good, don't get me wrong, but it didn't teach me anything new in JavaScript. One thing it did do was show me how to play around with the CSS transition-timing-function in Chrome DevTools, so that was pretty cool I guess.

Hopefully Day 3 brings me a little more inspiration for writing...feeling like I'm in a slump.