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Scrap that idea...

So, I started this "Code of the Week" series a little while back. The hope was that it would encourage me to write more. I thought it might give me some sort of accountability or something. It didn't. The fact is, I still find little time to write. Locking creativity into a time frame was actually worse. It made me stressed thinking of ideas on things to write about. Then, it made me feel like shit when I didn't deliver. The same thing happened when I started working through JavaScript 30. I learned nothing new in the first few lessons, which made writing about them difficult. It also made it hard to make a priority.

Where do you find inspiration to write? I have about a million ideas in my head, but zero focus on it. I used to write a lot, and loved it. The feedback I would receive was amazing. Now everything on my blog feels dated. It's like I'm totally stuck on new ideas, techniques, and most importantly, finding time to explore them.

I'm sure I've said it before, but I'm going to try just writing when an idea comes to me. If I don't have time write then, I'll at least make a note to come back to it. That's the plan at least.